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£18: Learn How to Sew per workshop (6 x 1.5 hours). Total: £108 (for first time attendee)

£22.50: Dressmaking: Learn how to make a dress or a skirt workshops (6 x 1.5 hours): Total: £135

Private tuition: £25 per hour 

All prices are held at the above rates until April 30th 2018).  

Terms and Conditions: 

1. The  How to Sew workshops are suitable for absolute beginners to intermediate levels. 

2. All other workshops are suitable for Intermediate and beyond levels. 

3.   All payments to be made prior to the workshops.  Payments can be made via Paypal, cheque or cash.  A receipt will be issued when full payment is made.

4. Booking cannot be cancelled once the course has started. However, the place can be transferred to another person.  It will only be at the discretion of the Stitch Amazingly team to offer a refund if notified within 3 weeks in advance. 

5. In the unlikely event of the workshop being cancelled, Stitch Amazingly will refund any outstanding workshops, if we are unable to continue.

6. Please notify Stitch Amazingly of any change of contact details during the duration of the 6 week workshop. 

7. You will complete at least one project by the end of the workshops. 

8. Please bring a pen and notebook to take useful notes during the workshops.

9. In advance of the workshop all sewing machines are serviced.  Equipment, tools and sewing implements, Calico fabric and threads for sampling will be provided for the duration of the workshops. Other fabrics will need to be purchased for the final project.

10. Maximum in a group: 5- 6 Creative people.